• Help your physician make decisions about your healthcare.
  • Discuss with your physician your condition & all care alternatives, including potential risks & benefits.
  • Choose your doctors office.
  • Have all your medical records kept private.
  • Get up-to-date information about your physician & the hospitals they admit to.
  • Be referred to a specialist who is experienced in treating your illness.
  • Receive a prompt reply when you ask questions or request information.
  • Suggest changes in our policies or services.
  • Call “911” in a situation that is an emergency.


  • Help your physicians make decisions about your healthcare.
  • Tell your physician if you do not understand the treatment you receive & ask if you do not understand how to care for your illness.
  • Give correct & complete information to your physician & their staff.
  • Follow the directions & advice you & your physician agree upon.
  • Tell your physician immediately when you have unexpected problems or symptoms.
  • Consult with your physician for referrals to non-emergency specialist or hospital care.
  • See the specialists your physician refers you to.
  • Show your insurance card & Drivers License before seeing a physician.
  • Read & understand your insurance plan & benefits.
  • Pay all applicable copays, coinsurance and deductibles for which you are responsible.

After HOURS "On Call" For Urgent medical problems

Call our main line (512) 834-9999 and choose option 1. Please have your pharmacy number & your current medications & doses on hand. When you call after hours, we will respond promptly. If you do not receive a response within 15 minutes, please call back and verify your phone number. Make sure your phone line does not block caller ID restricted lines. The doctor will not be able to return your call.  Please note you may be assessed a $35 fee for an after hours call.

Prescription Refills

For Local-Pharmacy Refills -DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE! This will only delay the refill.  It is transmitted electronically to our office from your pharmacy.  Please call your pharmacy and ask them to request the refill 1 or 2 business days before running out of medication.  Allow enough time to make sure you don’t run out of your medicine.  Please note if you call our office directly, you may be assessed a $35 fee for a rush refill.  

Triplicate Prescription Requests

Please provide one week’s notice for a triplicate refill for controlled substances, such as Adderall and Ritalin.  Please note you may be assessed a $35 fee for a rush refill.

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances cannot be refilled over the phone and require a follow-up visit.  Substances are designated as controlled because they carry a higher risk of side effects and dependence.  Examples of controlled substances are medications with codeine, Xanax (alprazolam), Klonopin (clonazepam), Ambien, and hydrocodone.  Please allow plenty of time to book follow-up visits for refills and don't wait until you are out of medication.


Dominion Family Healthcarebooks appointments based on type and number of problems in an attempt to keep our schedule on time. When booking, you will be asked to list ALL the problems that you would like to have the doctor address. You are asked to call us back should anything else come up so that we can adjust the appointment or reschedule if necessary. Please feel secure in providing the reason for your visit with our staff. Everyone has been trained in HIPAA practices and everyone is bound to keep your information confidential.

Urgent-Care Appointment

Dominion Family Healthcare can schedule same-day appointments. Please call ahead. You will be worked into the first available schedule; therefore, your visit may be associated with a long wait and we cannot guarantee which provider you will see. As a same-day appointment, the provider will address ONE ACUTE issue. Issues such as routine care, refills or follow-ups will not be addressed on an urgent-care basis. You will be asked to schedule a regular appointment for these types of visits.

No Show Fee

If a situation arises where you cannot make your appointment, please notify our office at least 24 hours before your appointment time or you may be charged a “no show” fee. If you arrive late to your appointment, please note that you may be asked to reschedule and you may be assessed a “no show” fee. Fees are $35 for missed or late appointments. Please note that these fees are not covered by insurance and will be the patient’s responsibility.

School/Camp/Athletic Physicals

Please bring your physical form, a pair of gym shorts and eyewear (if applicable) to your appointment.

Pre-Operative Exams

Please bring your surgeon’s contact information, any records pertaining to the surgery and the surgeon’s orders with you to your appointment.

TB Tests

Once you receive a TB test, you will need to return to our office to have the test read within 48-72 hours. Tests are not given on Thursdays.

Worker's Comp

Dominion Family Healthcare  providers do not treat for Worker’s Comp Injuries. Should you be injured at work, contact your employer for instructions.

Insurance Filing

Insurance filing is done on your behalf as a service to you and requires the presentation of your current insurance card & drivers’ license at each visit.  It is vital that you notify us ASAP of any changes (Insurance, job, address, phone, etc) or you may be required to pay in full and file your insurance yourself.  Remember that it is your responsibility to provide us with your correct insurance information, correct address and correct phone contact information before your visit.  If your account is turned over to collections, you will incur an additional $40 fee.  We utilize Merchants & Professional Credit Bureau for collections.


Referrals are a labor-intensive process.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  You need to be seen by a physician to obtain a referral.  Please notify the physician if you have a specific specialist you prefer.  Once the physician orders the referral, our referral coordinator will contact your insurance carrier to obtain authorization.  Response time from insurance plans varies and can be anywhere from 1-7 business days.  Once we receive approval, the information will be entered into your chart, faxed to the specified specialist and we will contact you.  Once you receive your referral, you may call and make an appointment with the approved specialist.  Do NOT go to your appointment without an approval.  You may be turned away or billed personally for services.  HELPFUL HINTS for referrals:  Not all insurance plans require a referral.  Contact your insurance if you are unsure.  Referrals are not usually necessary for OB/GYN visits.  Please call the office at least one week in advance for referral changes or extension requests.

Preventive care and Immunizations

Preventive care and Immunizations are vital to both young & old.  Please provide us with a shot record and schedule appropriate exams.  Preventative care is important - for men, women and children.

Labwork and Results

When a physician orders lab work for you, if you come in and have it drawn within one week you will NOT be charged an additional co-pay.  Once the blood is drawn, the specimen will be sent to the lab to be tested.  Most results will be received back in our office within 3-7 days, depending on the type of test.  Once received, a physician will review the results.  If the results are out of the normal range or a meds change is needed, we will contact you.  If they are normal, you can view the results on the secure website.

Bills from Labs

You should first call the lab to make sure they have your correct insurance information and to find out why they are billing you.  It may be that you are responsible for a deductible.  Occasionally, a test may not be covered by your insurance and the lab will bill you. 


We discourage walk-in appointments, however our schedule may allow us to address one acute and urgent care problem.  As a work-in, you will be worked into the first available provider’s schedule; therefore, your visit may be associated with a wait.  Due to schedule constraints, we cannot guarantee which provider you will see.  As a walk-in, the provider will address one acute issue.  Issues such as routine care, refills or follow-ups will not be addressed on a walk-in basis.  You will be asked to schedule a full appointment for these types of visits.

Please Cancel If

Please cancel if a situation arises where you cannot make your appointment, please notify our office ASAP and at least 24 hours before your appointment time or you may be charged a “no show” fee.  If you arrive late to your appointment, please note that you may be asked to reschedule and assessed a “cancellation” fee of $35.  Please note that these fees are not covered by insurance and will be the patient’s responsibility.

About Our Fees

About Our Fees and Why Your Office Visit Charges Aren’t the Same Every Time

Your provider may charge a different amount each time you have an office visit.  The amount depends on the level and type of service provided.  How does your provider determine which level of service you received during your office visit?

New or Established Patient:  If you have never been seen in our office before, or within the past three years, you are considered a new patient.  Your provider will charge you more for a new patient visit because more time and work are involved in setting up a new patient’s records.  If you have seen the provider or another provider in the same group within the last three years, you are an established patient.  These office visit charges are lower than a new patient visit.

Levels of Service:  The doctor looks at the following things to determine what level of service you received: Patient History, Coordination of Care, Examination, Nature of the Current Problem, Medical Decision Making, Time Spent, Counseling

Additional Time Spent:  When you go to the doctor, many other people in the office also play a part in the process:  the receptionist, medical assistants, lab and technicians, referral and billing clerks among others.  The amount your doctor charges will include the work done by these employees.  There may be time spent on your care by your provider or other staff members beyond the time spent with you in the office.  Such time may be used to:

  • Review, interpret, and document all lab test results and communicate those results orally, electronically or in writing to you.
  • Review current x-ray or scan reports, compare them with reports of previous scans, and when the study is abnormal, consult with the radiologist.
  • Consult via phone about your case with referring or consulting physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Prepare referrals to specialists if needed.
  • Prepare patient educational materials.
  • Conduct medical research relevant to your case.
  • Communicate with pharmacies about your prescriptions.
  • File insurance claim forms and follow up with insurance companies regarding processing and payment of claims.
  • Draft letters of medical necessity and/or obtain precertification to acquire medical services and prescriptions that you need.

The amount of effort and time the provider and staff put into your visit will determine what level of service we will bill you or your insurance plan.

All of these activities add to our cost of doing business.  We strive to provide you the best possible care at a reasonable cost.  We hope this explanation of our fees and charges has been helpful.

Lying to your doctor

Lying to your doc

Why you have to stop:  Doctors can't read minds. It may be embarrassing to discuss your body with someone you don't know well, but not telling your doctor the whole story can lead to misdiagnoses, inadequate testing, dangerous drug interactions, and even endangering yourself and those around you.  

Health treatment is based on a partnership:  the doctor-patient dyad, your care is only as good as this partnership.

Many patients even fib about how closely they're following their health care regimen.  A study by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine examined patients' use of an inhaler that recorded each use -- 73% of patients said they used the inhaler three times a day, but only 15% actually did.  And 14% even emptied their inhalers to make it look like they had been using them.

Your action plan:  Before your next appointment, make a list of:

  • medications and supplements you take
  • visits you've made to alternative practitioners
  • alcohol or drug use or abuse
  • any unsafe sexual practices
  • moods and mental health details
  • sleep pattern
  • dietary pattern
  • physical activity level

These details are crucial tools your doctor needs to assess your health, and writing them down ahead of time will help ensure that you don't forget anything.  If you feel shy sharing details aloud, hand the list to your doctor.  Remember that your doctor works for you.  You are not giving away your secrets;  you are sharing them with someone who is duty bound to use them only for your good.